About Adam

Welcome! Whether I’m coaching individuals or small groups, speaking to your company or organization, or writing books for a broader audience, my goal is to give you tools to make a greater impact on the culture around you. There are four main things I can help you work on: 1) Managing energy. 2) Honing Focus. 3) Developing Empathy. 4) Stretching Creativity. These four things form a cycle I call the “Cultural Impact Cycle”. There’s more in my e-book, How to Make a Positive Cultural Impact. I will send you a free .pdf copy if you email me at adam.fleming.lifecoach@gmail.com.

-Adam G. Fleming, CPCC

My family includes Megan, my wife (m. 1998) and our four children. We live in Goshen, Indiana, but I work all over the world. Megan partners with me for our Marriage Coaching clients.

I share my thoughts on coaching and life, my poetry and more on my personal blog: www.adamgfleming.com.

As an author, I have published multiple books, both fiction and non-fiction. To view all of them, visit my Amazon Author Page.

I invite you to support my work with non-profit leaders, by helping to subsidize coaching provided by Evergreen Leaders, a nonprofit with a mission of helping other nonprofits thrive. I am also the CEO of this organization.

Hobbies: I enjoy playing Vintage (1858 rules) Base Ball, Scrabble, travel, and reading.



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