Welcome to MLI. We invite you to begin a conversation. But first, you may be wondering: What’s with the name Motivational Listening International?

  1. Motivational: We know you’re searching (both internally and via Google) for Motivation. It’s so elusive! You may be looking for a speaker who can help you get your rear in gear, or you may be trying to figure out how to get self-motivated. But what about getting motivated by a great listener? Sound weird? It’s no secret. People are discovering that listening is the key. That’s why executive coaching is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today.
  2. Listening: A core principle in life is that sustainable change is a function of relationships, not information. A coach who sends you a book to read or exercises to do isn’t coaching, they’re consulting and putting the new buzzword on it. We start by listening for significance in the conversation and then asking powerful questions to help you explore, dive down to the root, and come back up for air with some action steps. This is without question, hands down, the best way to tap into and deploy your motivation. It’s down there. We listen, to dig it up. Then we help you figure out what to do with it. Then we encourage you to do it. Then you do it.
  3. International: Yes, really. We’re founded by a coach who has significant experience working with leaders in over a dozen nations on five continents, and has traveled extensively in Africa, North America, Asia and Europe. This isn’t some aspirational word we tacked on to make it sound cool. We’re a company that works locally and globally to meet the needs of our clients. We’ll even travel to you if the occasion warrants.

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